Jane Ingram
About Jane

Jane Ingram was born December 23, 1943 in Brooklyn, New York, and still considers herself a Brooklynite.

She grew up primarily in Marine Park. After graduating from James Madison High School in 1961, she worked in the Wall Street area of lower Manhattan. From there, Jane went on to study interior design and architecture for four years while working during the day as a secretary to the president of Isabel Scott Fabrics Corp., at the Design & Decoration Building just across from Bloomingdale’s.

She was eventually promoted to an outside sales position at Isabel Scott. After the company was purchased by a conglomerate, she moved to the western suburbs of Philadelphia and began her career as an independent manufacturer’s representative, marketing for only high-end furniture, textiles, and accessories companies. After 33 years of a successful career, she retired in 2009, giving her time to accomplish what she always wanted to do: write.

Her writing began at age sevenwith long letter-writing to cousins and friends. It was not unusual to receive a 25-page letter from her. And creative as her letters were, she even included breathing space by adding advertisements.

In 1967 Jane began her extensive European travels. In that year, she rented a manual Volkswagen. Unfortunately, she didn’t know how to drive a standard shift. Undeterred, she learned in the hotel’s parking lot, and then drove 4,000 miles through Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria. It was during this trip that she began her lifelong interest in the Second World War.

Jane has fifty European trips under her belt, forty of these to England. England to her is, without a question, heaven on earth. Very much an Anglophile, she feels more at home in England than she does in her adopted Pennsylvania. Her will specifically states that, when the time comes, her ashes are to be spread in one of her favorite places in the Cotswolds.

She often uses England as a background for her stories. In writing Christa, she took inspiration from personal visits around the country, particularly Shropshire and London. In Touched by Angels, the story centers on the evacuation of children in London and Yorkshire during the Second World War.

Jane's fourth novel, The Victim, is already written and hopefully will also be published. The background for this book, written in current time, is in the Cotswolds, Isle of Skye in Scotland, Normandy, and Provence in France.

Jane says, “As a writer, I enjoy the research of my books as well as writing the story. It is not unusual for me to spend eight hours finding a fact so that my stories are accurate. Very rarely do I take poetic license, and try to keep the story in chronological order.

“Not only is writing a favorite way to spend my time, but I also read a great deal. Some years I have read as many as 85 books. Mysteries with a British background are my favorites, although I do enjoy reading Daniel Silva, Nelson DeMille, Anne Perry, David Baldacci, Elizabeth George, and Sue Grafton, to name a few.

“I am also a collector of books and have an extensive collection of Bloomsbury writers: Virginia Woolf, Leonard Woolf, Vita Sackville-West, and Harold Nicolson. Many of these books are first editions and quite a few are signed by the authors. Another collection is of first edition books by Beatrix Potter, which also includes a signed letter and an original sketch.

“Books are very much a part of my life. I am surrounded by ten floor-to-ceiling bookcases in my living room, filled with books — all of which I have read. So, to have my own book in print is more than a dream come true.“