Jane Ingram

The VictimNEW! The Victim

Jenna Caulfield and Jacob Jackson’s latest film, The Victim, was receiving praise, accolades, and Academy Award nominations.

Instead of returning to her home in Santa Monica from her mother’s home in Maine, Jenna changed her plans to meet with her co-star at his own home in Bernardsville, New Jersey. When Jenna arrived, Jacob Jackson was laying on the kitchen floor, his eyes wide open, with a knife in his chest.

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Christa: There's Always a TomorrowChrista: There’s Always a Tomorrow

The first story about the life of Christa followed her from when she was eight years old in Berlin in 1943 through to 1955 in Devon, Pennsylvania. Now her story continues from1963 through 1968. As she returns to the city of her birth, some of the mysteries of her past are solved.

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Christa’s father served as a Nazi officer under Hitler’s Third Reich. His refusal to follow orders to expose and capture Jewish citizens in Berlin during the Second World War resulted in a bullet in the back of his head by the SS, in front of Christa and her mother. After escaping from a crowded train en route to Auschwitz, eight-year-old Christa’s journey for survival began. Because of her American mother she spoke fluent English which was instrumental in securing a safe haven in a convent near Dresden hiding a burned British airman. Her journey takes her back to Berlin at the end of the war where she was airlifted to England in the care of the airman, and then on to New York in search of her mother’s sister. Through the harsh treatment in a concentration camp and the separation from her mother, Christa’s will to live triumphed over all her adversities.

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Touched By Angels

On September 1, 1939, England declares war on Germany. Over the next three days masses of children are evacuated from the cities vulnerable to bombings of the Luftwaffe.

From the bustling city of London to the quiet, open spaces of the Yorkshire Dales, three children, all ten years old, meet on a train. Their friendship helps them to overcome their fear of a strange place, their loneliness for their families and to adapt to the new life they have been thrown into.

But first, they walk from the train station into the center of the village where potential billeters will look them over to see if they are suitable to work on the farms. “I’ll take that one,” as if picking a side of beef from the butcher, echoes in the children’s ears.

Selected by a farmer’s wife, David and Cecil are billeted on a farm, four miles outside of the village of Settle. They must learn the rigors of farming, and work alongside two young women from the Women’s Land Army, now filling in for the men who are off to fight in the war, and after their morning chores, walk four miles to school.

Claudette is chosen by a teacher at the local school and is billeted with her in the village of Settle, in the Yorkshire Dales.

Coping with being away from their families, working in unfamiliar surroundings, and attending a school far below their academic standards, the one ray of light is David and Cecil’s friendship with Claudette.

This is the story of three friends, each from a different background in London, and how they lived through the war for five and a half years.

And in that five and a half years, they not only discovered themselves but the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales.

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